Klopp: “We have to start believing in ourselves again”


Maybe the climate in her classes Liverpool might have improved after back-to-back wins against Everton and Newcastle, but the midweek home draw by Real Madrid for the Champions League brought back the… dark clouds over Anfield.

This was also seen in the statements made by the “Reds” coach. Jurgen Kloppahead of Saturday’s (25/2, 21:45) match with Crystal Palacefor the 25th matchday of the Premier League.

The German coach said that his team conceding five goals at home cannot be accepted, he stressed that it is very important that Liverpool compete in the Champions League next season, while he added that everyone in his team should believe again to ourselves.

What the Liverpool coach said in detail:

“To concede five goals at home in a Champions League game is something that cannot be accepted. We will have to change. All the matches from now on are like Champions League qualifiers for us. It is important to play in the Champions League next season as well. We will have to start believing in ourselves again and become a team extremely undesirable by any opponent.

We have to go after everyone, we have to go after all the teams in the league. The rest of the teams should… smell our breath. It has always been clear, our transfers should be targeted. We cannot make four transfers before we know who will leave the club. I knew things would be tricky, that was one of the reasons I signed my new contract with Liverpool.”

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Source: Sport Fm

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