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Schwab: “We’re losing silly points, we won’t give up”


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The opinion that the PAOK has foolishly lost points during the season, he expressed with his statements, after the 0-0 draw with PAS Ioannina Stefan Schwab.

The Austrian midfielder emphasized that the “two-headed man of the north” will not give up his effort in view of the continuation, while among other things he also praised Stefanos Tsima, who made his debut against the Ioannina team.

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His statements in detail:

“Who scores is of little importance, the result counts. Unfortunately we couldn’t score the winning goal, it’s difficult for us. It’s a recurring phenomenon and we’re losing… dumb points”

On Lucescu’s statement and the bad first part: “We didn’t enter with the energy that characterizes us. Despite everything, we had a second half with chances but we didn’t score. We’re not here to be fixated and stuck in fourth place.”.

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On the significance of today’s result: “As I mentioned before, we want to climb the standings and get closer to the top. The team spirit is such that we never give up. In the time order of things, the first game against Lamia is in order and we must concentrate to get a good result. I am confident that we will never surrender, as our mentality dictates.”.

For the debut of Stefanos Tsima: “I believe that everyone in Greek football understands that PAOK has the best possible academy. One comes after the other. We have already found several solutions, with protagonists, one of them is Tzimas. He is a very good and kind boy, I wish him to be able to help us. He has the skills to have a great career”.

Source: Sport Fm

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