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Kyriakos: “The referees from now on will have to do with PAOK”


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His strong dissatisfaction with the treatment of PAOK by the referee during this season was expressed by Kyriakos Kyriakos.

The vice-president of the “black and white” PAE, who at the press conference after the 0-0 draw with PAS in Ioannina, argued that the referee of the match did not award a penalty in favor of PAOK, while underlining that the “two-headed of the north” instead of VAR he should have requested the arrival… robotalso referring to the match with Asteras in Tripoli.

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At the same time, during his statements, he emphasized that from now on the referees should apologize to PAOK after every negative decision.

His statements in detail:

“Because our coach likes personal attacks from a system that doesn’t want to listen to the substance of what he says, but to create impressions and wear him down. We made a huge mess.

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All of us who fought for VAR in Greece. Finally we had to ask robots to come… It is not possible after what we saw in Tripoli. The VAR had one job to do today, not ten. All he had to do was see the phases. He should have called the referee to check the 37th minute phase and not give the penalty afterwards. We always respect arbitration decisions.

It is not possible for a man to have a job and he has this job because we tried to bring VAR to Greece without calling the referee to see the phase. These are no longer mistakes. There will no longer be referees appointed in PAOK games. They are all punished after the fact.

And because a man who earns his living in Greece is telling you about it, to change a few things. From now on they will have to do with PAOK”

Source: Sport Fm

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