Francisco: “Spanoulis is a legend, three Euroleague teams wanted me”


The best words for both Pigeon bwinas well as for him Vasilis Spanoulissaid the Sylvain Francisco.

The French guard gave an interview in his homeland and emphasized that “Kill Bill” was the basic reason who signed to the western suburbs team.

At the same time, the international guard revealed that he received blows from Baskonia, Valencia and Ephesusduring this season, however no case progressed.

I feel very good. Spanoulis is a leader, he is a legend, he gives me a lot of push and encourages me constantly. He is always there to listen and help us. He is a very good coach. Basically I signed up at Peristeri bwin for him. We are on the same wavelength and have the same vision. I am learning from him and I think it will be a very good year for me to level up“, the French guard initially stated to “”.

Which Euroleague teams were interested in him: “It was Baskonia, Valencia and Efes… Nothing progressed, but that doesn’t mean I can’t stand at Euroleague level. I have signed for a year, I might go next season. The point is to constantly learn».

On whether he is in contact with Mustafa Fal of Olympiakos: “We go out to eat together, I go to his house and we watch games. With the Euroleague, he doesn’t have much time, but he comes and watches my games as well».

On what he would say to his compatriots about Greece:Do not hesitate to come! There are twelve teams in the league and 4-5 is very good. Initially, I did not want to go to Greece, as it was not my priority. But, everything is going very well. Also, our team is consistent financially and we have no problems».

Source: Sport Fm

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