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Postecoglou and Furuhashi “cleaned” Rangers for Celtic’s 21st League Cup!


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The first title of the season in Scotland went to Celtic!

In a hard and full intensity and passion – both on and off the field – matchup with Rangers at “Hampden Park” in Glasgow, the “Celts” prevailed 2-1 in his grand final League Cupcelebrating the 21st trophy in their history in the institution!

Yes, his team Angelos Postecoglou won the League Cup for the second consecutive year, and sixth in the last seven years, leaving Rangers without a title in the said competition since 2011!

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In Japanese affair the match developed for Celtic, as both goals came from partnerships Furuhashi, Hatate and Maeda!

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In the 44th minute, the first two teamed up inside the opposing “box”, with Kyogo Furuhashi to send the ball into the net from close range for the 1-0. In fact, the 28-year-old Japanese striker doubled his goals in the 55th minute, when after a nice move and turn of his Reo Hatate on the back of the opposing defense, he gave his team a two-goal lead with a close projection.

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In the 62nd minute, o Morelostook advantage of the oligarchy of the opposing defense and reduced to 2-1 for Rangers with a close-up view after the regular season. Despite the efforts, however, the typical hosts could not send the match to extra time, with Celtic holding on in the final and winning the title.

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