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Bartzokas: “Olympiacos is not mine, but the Angelopoulos”


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THE George Bartzokas he was hosted on the “Sports Sunday” show, talking about all the material, both about the Greek coaches, and about his award from the Association of Greek Coaches.

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Among other things, he also referred to Olympicemphasizing that the “red and white” are creation of the Angelopoulos and not his own, pointing to him respect which feeds towards the “red and white” presidents.

What Giorgos Bartzokas said in detail:

For the Greek coaches: “If we look at things objectively, there are so many good Greek coaches. Greek basketball should be happy and proud to have such good Greek coaches.”

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For his award from Panagiotis Giannakis: “I will owe everything to Panagiotis Giannakis, because not only did he give me the opportunity to work, but also the way he thinks is the best seminar I could do.”

For the progress of Olympiakos: “I would like to show some modesty and say that Olympiacos does not belong to Bartzokas, it belongs to Angelopoulos. How far he can go has to do with how healthy we stay.”

About his career in coaching: “I hesitated many times if I will continue coaching, but I was lucky to be next to people like Panagiotis Giannakis.”

Source: Sport Fm

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