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Ketsejoglu: “Then Garcia returns – The facts about Pineda’s future”


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Her reportage is rich AEK which he conveyed to News Bulletin 247 Kostas Ketsetzogloureferring to his injury Levi Garciathe Cup rematch with Olympiakos, but also his future Orbelin Pineda.

Garcia will either be marginally available for the last match against Olympiakos, or he will definitely be ready for the playoffs. In Heraklion, where Araouho will also be missing, we will see some alchemy in the attack“, he emphasized.

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As for Wednesday’s match against Olympiakos? “We will see the Cup line-up with some key players. Simanski, because he is losing two matches in a row, will definitely play, logically we will see Galanopoulos, Mandalo and in front Araouhos with Tzumber. We will definitely see Sidibe with one of the Hadjisafi or Rota left out. Mukudi will probably play next to Mitoglou“, he noted and added: “It is the only game I fear, not because I have any indication or any concern, but because if it goes wrong it could spoil the year in AEK. He has overcome all the bad results, but a potential ban could damage AEK for the rest of the season».

Finally, on the subject of Orbelin Pineda reportedly wanting to stay with the team, he said: “AEK is discussing all possibilities except to give 10 million euros. He would like a loan renewal, with an affordable option. Certainly the team wants Pineda and he is very happy here. His own desire may help him stay, but for that it remains to be seen».

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Source: Sport Fm

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