New complaint about abusive behavior of a Barcelona player

New complaint about abusive behavior of a Barcelona player

In a complaint of abusive behavior by one of her players Barcelona she proceeded Tatiana Kisiel via a video on tik-tok.

THE influencers reported that he “attended” a party in Barcelona where many Barcelona players were also present and had to locked herself in the toilet to avoid one of the football players who moved against her.

In fact, among everything, he emphasizes that he will never again go to such an event where football players will be present.

“I left crying and obviously I never want to go to a party where football players will be again“, he characteristically declares and continued:

“The guys were arrogant and stupid, like 90% of footballers are. When we arrived at the party, we were asked to leave our cell phones at the entrance, which I didn’t do as I didn’t intend to sit too long, especially in an enclosed space without even windows, not having the ability to communicate. I didn’t trust them at all.

There were about 50 women there waiting for the football players to arrive. Personally, it was something I didn’t want, since we were having a great time without them. Going to the bathroom I met one of them who was loudly shouting at a girl. Then I took out my cell phone and started filming the incident. He found out and chased me. I locked myself in the bathroom to protect myself while he pounded on the door. I finally got out, he made me delete the video in question and only then was I allowed to leave.”concluded.

Source: Sport Fm

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