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Papadopoulos: “If I could change something in the world it would be to bring social justice”


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The goalkeeper of Asteras Tripoli, Nikos Papadopoulosgave an interview to OPEN and talked about both the progress of the championship so far and his candidacy with the KKE.

In addition, he revealed what he would have liked to have become if he had not become a footballer.

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For his candidacy: “Football players are generally presented as something outside of society. But we are also a part of society, we have our families… We must, if we can put in the little stone, put it in for the better. This was the reason I actually accepted the invitation of the KKE. I feel the need to come forward to contribute to the progress of society because, in general, we are not moving towards the good”.

For his team’s reaction: “It’s something unprecedented, so it made a big impression in general in a larger circle, not only among my teammates.”

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For the pathologies of Greek sports: “There are more problems than good in sports now. The state is completely indifferent to sports and the athletes themselves. For example, the second category, Super League 2, the footballers are in a huge problem, they don’t even have the basics. And in general, sports in our country are discredited. In other words, they want to close the area of ​​Agios Kosmas in order to build casinos, big hotels… Who does this benefit? Does it benefit the people? Does it benefit athletes? Or business people? The people must understand that their hope is only through the KKE, that is, the next elections are vital”.

On fan violence: “In general, the youth does not see perspective, does not see light. He doesn’t see that he can create anything. She feels trapped. And it all breaks out. So what do they do? They want through football, through the associations, to control the youth and lead them there: to break out not against those who destroy their lives but against a fan of another team, that is, blind violence”.

For the course of the championship: “This year’s championship is very ambiguous, all are close, essentially four teams are currently in contention for the title. Panathinaikos and AEK have a slight lead due to points. I think that AEK is a step above Panathinaikos because of its image. As for PAOK, if they didn’t have these two unsuccessful results, i.e. in Tripoli with us and in Ioannina, they would now be first and second… Olympiacos with transfers like Marcelo and James Rodríguez, yes they give you things because their quality is enormous , they might also create problems”.

For him: “If I wasn’t a goalkeeper, I’d be a car mechanic, a philosopher or a psychologist. If I could change one thing in the world it would be to bring about social justice, meaning that those who produce the wealth should also enjoy it.”

Source: Sport Fm

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