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Jovanovic: “Everything will be decided in the playoffs, we will look for our own opportunity”


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Ivan Jovanovic commented on the patience Panathinaikos needed to defeat Panaitolikos, while he also spoke about the main goals that have been set for this year.

In detail, what he told Cosmote TV:

“We needed patience because we had to face a well-organized offensive team. It is not easy to be patient in this phase of the league where we are in dire need of victories. We could get ahead faster, time is running out. Patience in the second half helped us keep our cool, score the first goal and then everything was easier. We had a good pace, it was definitely an important win”

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Regarding the different goals that Panathinaikos has at this point in the championship, compared to last year, he said: “Huge difference, I know it, I know where we were and where we are today. Two completely different goals, a different way of thinking, pressure… Our own path led us to the paths of Panathinaikos, the championship. In this process more stress appears. What we enjoy is exactly that, the Avenue is full, people believe in our effort. We wanted to enter the playoffs with at least the standings that will give us the right to do so after many years. I’m happy for my players, we know that in the playoffs everyone will be judged and that’s where we’ll look for our own opportunity.”

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Source: Sport Fm

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