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Beos: “I said “give me Jima to make him the first scorer” – That’s why I don’t give tickets to Aris”


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Attempt to borrow it Stefanou Tsima from PAOK revealed Achilles Beos.

In his statements to Metropolis, the mayor of Volos emphasized that he had asked for the young attacker, with the prediction that he would come out first scorer in the championship.

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In the same interview, he referred to title fightthe hopes of Volos to come out fifthbut also the reason that of all the “great” does not give tickets only on Mars.

What Beos said in detail

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About the tragedy in Tempe: “Our whole country is mourning, except for a few dung politicians. Another composter came here who doesn’t know how to speak Greek and gave another trade unionist permission over the phone. He wants a revolution, people who have never worked rule the country, I’m talking in general, I’m not just referring to the current government. Everyone has a share of responsibility, some a lot, some a little. I don’t want to be like you, I was born that way.”

For what he himself has experienced in the Volos mayorship: “We made a manger and it had lambs that we constantly fed, we constantly took care of them. It was a move to make the children happy during the holidays. On another occasion I had decorated the train tracks in Pelion with some flowers and the new monuments service came and said that the flowers I placed are harming the train tracks, while below they have put tables and chairs. What’s going on with my country”.

Regarding the fact that Kostas Karamanlis is running again as a candidate in the parliamentary elections: “I think the timing is wrong, because I have met him, we may swear, but most of those who have ruled do not know the sub-state that exists below. 5 years ago a cashier embezzled a very large amount, I discovered it, what would I say “I didn’t know?” Once you put yourself in charge and get elected, you have a responsibility. For me, the beginning and the end of evil are the trade unionists”.

For the match between Volos and PAOK: “We will have a celebration on Sunday, PAOK is burning for points, they have a piece of the pie in 1st and 2nd place. In many games I saw a PAOK that “suffocated” the opponent, but in other games I did not see this. Before the game there will be a tournament in the auxiliary field with ages K11, K12, K13, with academies of the two teams. For as many PAOK fans as they want to come, it’s an hour’s drive, to come drink their coffee, eat, watch the game and there are no incidents.”

Because many believe that the team will… deflate: “We didn’t deflate that many matches. You don’t learn football when you’re old, but when you’re young. We gave our best players for so many years and achieved the goal of the play offs with occasionally impressive football”.

For Tsima and Constantelia: “Two months ago I said “give me Jima to make him the top scorer and take him later”, as I said about Constantelia, who is a question of whether PAOK will keep him next year, a kid to go to the top leagues. To work, to become an idol to leave the earrings, tattoos and all that. Credit to the people who discovered it, worked on it, but also to Lucescu who put it on gradually and not hastily so as not to burn it. I would suggest him to stay at PAOK and not rush to get a transfer”.

For Koutsia: “Koutsias is a great talent, with room for improvement but he is influenced by his uncle and his father, it is for no flock to go. How do they know football? Football has secrets. Psychology, training a lot of things, it’s not just how we’re going to get a big contract, but how we’re going to work to get there. They also influenced him in Volos when he came, but I would advise them to stay away from him in terms of football because they are doing him harm.”

For the title fight: “All four teams have a difficult task, AEK – Olympiacos can end in a draw, Panathinaikos with Atromitos and PAOK with Volos, but everything will be decided in the play-offs”.

To claim 5th place: “We have fulfilled our goal, in the worst case we will enter with a difference of one point with Aris and we will claim our few chances for the 5th place. We have huge problems, if we had the team of the summer we would have 7 points difference, but I don’t doubt Aris, he is the favorite, he has history, we are a team of only a few years”.

For Theodoros Karypides: “I don’t know if he’s an actor or a model, he’s the president of a team whose fans caused incidents in the stadium and that’s why I don’t give tickets. He should pay for the damage his fans did on the field. That’s not how the factors dry up, he should come here and pay for the damages he did.”

Source: Sport Fm

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