Singleton: “I would never go to Olympiakos, Panathinaikos needs stability”


A player who is often heard about returning to Greece is Chris Singleton.

Its current forward Effects and his ex Panathinaikou he has been linked many times with return scenarios, especially to the “greens”, with whom he spent a very successful two years. He gave a long interview to BasketNewswhere he spoke both about his past at Panathinaikos, and about the possibility of ever wearing his shirt Olympiakou.

In detail what he said to BasketNews:

For the possibility of competing in Olympiakos:

“I was wearing the green jersey, knowing I had so many fans behind me. We were all ready to play. I liked the fans and Gate 13. The Olympiacos people ask me all the time, but I think I’m a loyal guy. Once you put that shirt on and you’ve done some things on one side, it’s hard to go on the other side. I still have love for them, but this green jersey is different.

Coach Bartzokas has not contacted me recently just because of my previous comments and the fact that I played for Panathinaikos. Now, however, I wouldn’t go to Olympiakos for anything. My feelings for Gate 13 and all PAO fans will never change. Door 13 is one of those that the whole world knows and hears about. You know their true passion for the game. They are literally willing to risk everything for their team. They accepted me and I accepted all the fans. Greece has one of the best basketball cultures you will ever see. Every time we played outside, it was sold out”

On what Panathinaikos needs to change:

“While I was in the team, Dimitris Giannakopoulos never communicated his plans. For all I know, maybe we were all shocked that everyone was going to go their separate ways. We thought we were a few players away from the Final Four. If we were to come back for a third year, we would be favorites to win. But things did not turn out that way.

For me being a basketball fan, you need some stability. Panathinaikos should get a coach with a reputation, give him a strong budget and let him stay stable for two years. If he’s going to fire him after a year, there’s no point in him going there. For me, there is too much going on inside and outside. This will prevent the big stars and big players that we know in Europe. You have to convince some players to go there. As a player, you definitely take note of what’s going on there.

I think the fans still help bring good players there. The atmosphere is like no other. PAO is quite a big club and the Greek economy is doing better. The city is good and the weather is good. Gamers want stuff like that. They would like to play in a place that they and their family can enjoy. But without stability and a plan for the future, it’s hard to commit and move forward with something you don’t know. You have to make a plan to get there. You can’t just patch holes, you have to fix everything.

This summer, many coaches have expiring contracts. Anyone can go. I think the fans would like a great manager if he can get a budget and build a system. To rebuild the team, you need to have the top domestic talent. If you let them go to other places, you will fall.”

Source: Sport Fm

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