Shkortsianitis: “At the Israeli derby, someone told me, ‘I will rape your daughter and your son'”


The insulting comment he had heard when he was competing in Israel was mentioned, among others, by Sofoklis Schorsanitis speaking on his “Our Breakfast” show SKY.

Specifically, it was when a fan at the derby between Maccabi Tel Aviv and Hapoel Tel Aviv told him “I will rush your daughter and your son».

At the same time, the veteran center referred to his life, how he met his wife, issues of racism and, of course, Giannis Antetokounmpo.

In detail, Schortsanitis spoke about:

-the fact that he stays out of the limelight: “I never had this need for cars, for glory. I liked playing basketball, all the accessories were secondary.”

-if he ever felt like he was about to slip out:I felt a lot of times that I might run away, but generally as a character I like to be very closed off. I loved staying at home with my family and so far».

-how he met his wife:I met my wife by chance. She was a student at the time and worked in a shop in Kallithea. It wasn’t love at first sight, it was a process. He had no idea who I am and what I do when we met. That made it easier for us is the truth».

-whether one of his two children (he has a boy and a girl) wants to play basketball:My son wants to play basketball. It’s not my job to stop my kids from doing something. I’m not of that mindset. If they want to do something, I try to encourage them».

the worst comment he has heard on the pitch as a player:The only comment I can single out is the one they gave me when I was playing in Israel. Someone had said something really bad to me. We finished a match between teams with a lot of animosity and one came back and said, “I’m going to rape your daughter and your son.”».

-racism and how he has experienced it:Unfortunately racism is a part of life for someone who is different».

– Giannis Antetokounmpo and the racism he has experienced:When he was starting out, the easy thing they said was that they wanted to put him in because he’s colored. But this was not the case. Giannis had the skills, the love for basketball and he reached high».

-his friendship with Giannis Antetokounmpo, if they talk often and what is the character of the Bucks star:It’s hard to get him on the phone. Like any athlete, after a game the last thing he wants to do is talk on the phone about basketball. He is a low-key kid who works very hard. This can be seen because before he got to where he is he worked 5-6 jobs a day to support his family».

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Source: Sport Fm

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