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Ari’s response to Peristeri bwin: “We are surprised that you are defending Ms Tsarouha in the appeal”


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KAE Aris responded to the statement issued earlier on Tuesday by Peristeri bwin and emphasizes that it is not surprised by the report on the referee whistles, since they believe that the video will justify them, but the fact that they support the first referee of the match, Vasso Tsarouha, on the subject of the appeal filed by the “yellows”.

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In detail, the announcement:

“We were surprised to read the announcement of KAE Peristeri, as an ‘answer’ to ours for the ridiculous things that happened in the match between us.

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We’re not that surprised about the reference to the refereeing of the match per se (we didn’t expect anything different) and, if we do watch the game together again, we know who will walk out of the room vindicated. What really surprises us is the move by KAE Peristeri to defend Ms. Tsarouha for the objection, which we filed.

KAE ARIS did not file an objection for the whistles of the match, but for a bad application of the regulation regarding the stoppage of the match and the evacuation of “Nick Galis Hall”. As KAE ARIS, we did not involve Peristeri anywhere in what happened last Sunday, something that was also stated publicly by the vice president of KAE, Lefteris Arvanitis. So, why the fuss about the ‘off-court work’ of the Greek referee?

The toxicity issues, we return them. In ‘Nick Galis Hall’ there are 5,000 fans at every match, who never rushed into the official and beat up the visitors…”

Source: Sport Fm

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