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The president of KAE Ionikos resigned


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Giannis Kyriakopoulos has left the presidency of KAE Ionikos. The former “strong” man of the Nice team submitted his resignation on Tuesday night, protesting the delay by the GGA in paying the percentage of the Bet to which the team is entitled, considering this to be unfair competition in the attempt to stay in the Basket League and requested that interested parties be found in order to grant them the majority of the shares.

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In detail, the announcement:

“After much thought and with great regret, I find myself in the unpleasant position of announcing that I am stepping down from the management of the club and from the position of chairman that I hold. The main reason for my decision is the unjustified delay in the payment to which the team is entitled by GGA from the betting.

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Failure to pay has the effect of creating conditions of unfair competition between teams fighting to stay in the division. As far as we know, the research on this issue has been completed by the GGA without any evidence for the Ionian and the Colossus.

As is easily understood, the unjustified non-payment of this amount, which amounts to approximately 45% of the annual total budget of a group fighting to stay like ours, creates, in addition to the conditions of unfair competition, as we mentioned earlier, and problems in the smooth operation of the team, which result in the team’s competitive decline and make it very difficult to strengthen it.

The next matchday we play the most crucial match in Patras against Apollon.

Although I have ‘bonded’ with the team and the people, I fear that if I continue to finance the team with only my own money, sooner or later I will create a problem for my businesses.

I inform everyone interested that I am willing to discuss the concession of the majority package that I own and that if no one is found, I will finance until the end of the year, so that the effort of our team does not remain incomplete”.

Yannis Kyriakopoulos

Source: Sport Fm

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