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Ketsetzoglou: “AEK’s possible 11 with Atromito – Very difficult match after what has happened”


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The latest news of AEK ahead of the most talked about match of the season, against Atromitos, in Peristeri, was conveyed to News Bulletin 247 The Kostas Ketsetzoglou.

The “Union” reporter emphasized that the team has the opportunity with a victory to be at the top of the Super League today and characterized “big match and very difficult, especially after what has happened». We remind, the Atromitos-AEK is the infamous match of matchday 21 of the Stoiximan Super League, which was scheduled for February 5 and which was postponed due to the known issue with the beams in the hearths. After two legal battles (objection and appeal)it was decided to redefine the match and thus the two teams will meet again.

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From then on, in everything that has to do with the competitive part, Ketsetzoglou noted that the 11 is interesting, on the one hand because several of the non-main players (such as Mandalos for example), who played in Heraklion against OFI, made an excellent appearance and on the other hand, of course, because there is the derby with Olympiakos on Sunday. Added to all this is the fact that Vida, Tzavellas, Gacinovic, Rota, Pineda, Eliasson and Hadjisafi are at the card limit! For the latter, however, he commented that it will be “the worst to watch out for» the above not to receive a card, in order not to miss the derby.

In everything to do with her 11ththerefore, after emphasizing that it is possible to see Pineda on the right and Sidibe in Rota’s place, he underlined that subject to the following: Athanasiadis, Rota, Hadjisafi, Mukudi, Vida, Pineda, Jonson, Eliasson, Gatsinowis, Zuber and Araujo.

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Listen in detail to what Kostas Ketsetzoglou said:

Source: Sport Fm

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