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Amateur Olympiacos: “Ceremony vindication”


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An announcement in which he speaks of a solemn vindication which is a slap to the sycophants, was issued by the Amateur Olympiacos after the decision of the ASEAD to postpone the last match of the table tennis championship.

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The announcement in detail:

The decision of the ASEAD is a solemn JUSTICE for the OLYMPIC S.F.P. and one more slap to the sycophants, who with their well-known, permanent and unique tactic of throwing mud (at the fan) tried to cover the RIGHTEOUSNESS of our request to postpone the last matchday. We feel doubly JUSTIFIED, as the specific -directed- media suggested and… “inflated” the events during the Board. of E.F.O.E.P.A., to artificially hide the fact that in essence the right was on the side of OLYMPIAKOS. They even manage to apologize now for the mud and slander they keep spewing. Even if they don’t touch us, they evoke the common feeling and prove the obsession they have with the biggest club in Greece.

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With today’s celebratory JUSTICE of our Association by the ASEAD, the tragic negligence of the Table Tennis Federation is demonstrated in the most categorical way, which instead of preventing the clubs from appealing to the courts, as it should, should decide on merit to ensure the matches and the promotion of the champion within the playing fields.

It is unthinkable that in the year 2023 the final course of the Panhellenic Men’s and Women’s Championships will depend on the moods and the corresponding decision of the Board of Directors. of the Federation! Main championships are won on the playing fields by the sportsmen and women of each team.

It is impermissible and scandalous for him to participate in the decisions of the Board of Directors. of the E.F.O.E.A., in which the championship is judged, with a weighty point of view, the athlete of PAO Gionis, who should not have the possibility to propose (he did not vote) and direct his members Board of Directors in what turned out to be a wrong decision.

From the side of Panathinaikos, we did not expect anything different. The same ones who evangelize “fair competition” have linked their fate and (s)DNA with the same practices of this particular Medium, which not only does not serve the truth, but has fought with it. They are the same… who want to hide, but joy won’t let them.

Regarding the Federation’s position/admonition not to “footballize” table tennis, let its leaders remember a few years ago, which association had footballified the “noble” – as they hypocritically call it now – sport, with the three police clubs they had enlisted for the conduct of the showdown between us at the closed Alexandra Avenue.

OLYMPIAKOS, steadfast in its founding principles and the ideals of its millions of fans throughout the world, fights with every legal and ethical means for competitive equality and justice in sports. And he has proven this repeatedly on and off the field.

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