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In the last twenty-four hours, 1,175 immigrants and refugees arrived in Lampedusa. The first reception center of this small island, south of Sicily, is once again overcrowded.

Most of the “desperate at sea” hail from Senegal, Cameroon, Mali and the Ivory Coast and, they told the men and women of the Italian Coast Guard, boarded ships that set sail from Sfax, Tunisia.

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Because of the rough sea off it Lampedusa yesterday, Wednesday, in the evening there was another wreck: an eight-meter-long boat began to take on water and the Italian Coast Guard immediately mobilized: rescued twenty migrants and refugees, but a young woman was pulled dead from the sea.

According to Italian public television Raidespite the rough sea, traffickers’ boats are leaving Tunisia almost non-stop these days.

This afternoon, at the same time, the cabinet of the government Melon will meet in Koutro, Calabria, where twelve days ago, in a shipwreck near the coast, more than seventy people lost their lives.

According to Italian media, the Italian Prime Minister is expected to make an announcement new decisions, with increased penalties for smugglers, strengthening legal migration flows and “humanitarian corridors”, as well as reducing red tape, with the aim of faster issuance of residence permits for migrants who meet the conditions set by Italian law.