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Former UFC athlete accused LeBron James of using anabolic substances


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There has been an uproar in the US after a statement by former UFC fighter Sheil Sonnen about his use of anabolic substances Lebron James.

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American whose career was cut short by doping ban has blamed his superstar NBAemphasizing that they also have the same supplier.

If LeBron knew what he was doing… There are players who say it doesn’t matter… But it does. If they knew what these things do they would understand this. We have the same supplier so I know what they are doing” were Sonnen’s first statements and he continued:

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There is only one golfer who does that. There is the trinity of substances: Erythropoietin, growth hormone and testosterone, or the Lance Armstrong treatment. Only one golfer does and that is Tiger Woods. Some say it doesn’t matter. But it matters.

Erythropoietin matters and that’s why LeBron takes it. Erythropoietin increases red blood cells, which gives you more stamina so you can play the whole game and be equally efficient in the first and fourth periods. Erythropoietin is the king of preparations» were the words of Sheil Sonnen.

It is worth noting, however, that in NBA each player can go through nine doping controls every year, in or out of season.

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