Bizios for Apollon Larisa: “We couldn’t accept any more humiliation and we were falling down”


A public apology was requested by coach of Apollo Larissa Michalis Biziosbecause his players who were fewer and poorly prepared, after the 6-0 of Herakles they decided to stop the game for they could not continue to struggle and began to fall. As he revealed speaking to Metropolis 95.5, his players had 40 days to train.

“We also have the sadness with Apollo Larisas, after the sadness we have with Tempi and the accident. I also said after the match that what happened to football and the League is a shame. I was against from the first moment for the team to come down to play with Heracles. The children had to train for 40 days. Some kids had various problems but yesterday some of them showed up to play. They came of their own accord. The problems came out before the start of the match. We started with 11. We made two changes and had some problems at half-time. But some players could not continue in the match and asked me to stop. In this case I could not intervene. We could not accept any more humiliation and we were falling down”, he emphasized.

“I told them to keep playing, but they couldn’t keep going. There would also be a humiliating score if the game continued. I saw the score going up in favor of Heracles and I told them that it is better to stop the match. All the children decided not to continue the game. There had to be respect as well. I did not speak with the coach of Herakles, other people had spoken with the team. But there is also a limit. It’s a difficult decision, but we made it. The Greek players of Herakles told us that we made a right decision because we didn’t want to humiliate ourselves further”, he added.

As for the situation in his team? “We are alone. There is no one from the management to take responsibility. Next Sunday I don’t want in any way to get to the same point and go and play a game that we can’t respond to as a team. With the guys I talked to a bit, they told me “Michali, we shouldn’t experience something similar next Sunday”. We came alone, I don’t want to say something embarrassing about the team. We came by bus. Mr. Tsakiris put the bus in, again well. Otherwise we returned to the same spot again. We apologize because the kids couldn’t take more ridicule».

Source: Sport Fm

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