Karaiskos: “I will chase my course record – The world is a force for runners”


The effort he will make to achieve the goals he has set was commented on by Panagiotis Karaiskosa few days before Athens Half Marathon (19/3).

The Greek runner has achieved many great achievements on this course, as he holds the course record with 1:07.45 and winner of the previous four Panhellenic Championships.

I will be chasing the course record of 1:07.45, but also my personal best of 1:06.56 from 2018. I have it all together in my mind. I am in good shape and I think I can achieve my goals“, initially commented Karaiskos speaking on the SEGAS YouTube channel and continued:

I have loved this route, I really like it. It’s also the winning streaks I’ve had. I go in with a very positive attitude. I’m thinking of running fast and managing properly to go strong on the last climb and chase the record. The 14th and 15th kilometers, the uphill to Kallimarmaro is a point of the route that needs good management and attention».

In fact, the runner added that he likes to live in the center of Athens transformed in relation to the bustling everyday city.

I am very happy with the empty center without cars, only with people, with children clapping their hands. If I’m fine, I don’t think there will be anything that will make me break down, unless it’s something extreme” he said, while adding about how he got involved with the marathon.

The world is strength for runners, it is joy, it gives us energy. That’s how I started, with a friend we saw the finish of 2012 in Kallimarmaro and in 2013 I also ran my first marathon. So if you see it and feel it, it will arouse your curiosity. You will say to do it, not to do it. So coming to watch the match is a start. Running is for everyone, anyone can do it. Don’t be afraid. Anyone can throw on a pair of sneakers, a pair of shorts and a T-shirt and go for a run. The advice I would give is to have methodical steps, find a person who knows how to guide you and don’t overdo it” were the words of the record holder.

Edited by: Christos Lois

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