Unmatched matches in the Europa League: United-Seville and Feyenoord-Roma!


A small” Champions League can be characterized the Europa League. Amphirropa match without clear favourites, having a remake of last year’s Conference League final between Feyenoord and Roma.

Great pairing between United-Sevillewhile the are also interesting Juventus-Sporting Lisbon and Leverkusen-Saint Gilois. In fact, we might have a semi-final with… behemoths since the Juventus-Sporting Lisbon pair will face Manchester United-Seville.

United and Sevilla have met three times, with the Manchester side not winning any of those matches (0-1-2). Feyenoord and Roma have also met three times, with the record being exactly the same as well (0-1-2).

There is also a small tradition in Juventus-Sporting, since the two teams were in the 4th group of the Champions League in the 2017/18 season with the Old Lady counting one win and one draw.

The couples in “8”:

Manchester United-Seville

Juventus-Sporting Lisbon

Leverkusen-Saint Gilois


The pairings in the semi-finals:

Winner Juventus/Sporting – Winner Manchester United/Seville

Winner Feyenoord/Roma – Winner Leverkusen-Saint Gilois


Home the winner of the semi-final between Juventus/Sporting – Winner of Manchester United/Seville and away the winner of the semi-final between Feyenoord/Roma – Leverkusen-Saint-Jiloise.

The first legs of the quarter-finals will be played on April 13, while the return legs will be played on April 20, 2022. The first legs of the semi-finals will be played on May 11 and the second legs on the 18th of the same month.

The final will be held at the Puskas Arena in Budapest on May 31.

Source: Sport Fm

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