The pressure is increasing against the French president, Emmanuel Macron, after his decision to change the pension bill by Presidential Decree, which has caused serious protests in the country as the citizens’ dissatisfaction is high.

According to French media, the MPs of the independent group Liot they announced her filing a “cross-party” motion of censure against the government in the National Assembly with 91 signatories from five opposition political groups, including Nupes (the Left Alliance).

“The vote on this proposal will make it possible to get out of the top of a deep political crisis,” the group leader said, expressing regret that “the LR colleagues are not signing,” but he hopes they will vote in favor.

Yesterday, Thursday, the leader of the far-right National Alarm, Marine Le Pen, announced today that she will file a motion of impeachment against the government, but she has not yet done so. However, the impeachment motion by “Liot” may cause the biggest problems for the government by gathering cross-party support, according to French media.

They in turn filed a motion of censure against the government and the deputies of the National Rally (RN). “And we will vote in favor of all the motions of censure that have been brought forward,” said Rep. Laure Lavalette.

Unions, and most voters, disagree with the bill. The French are deeply committed to keeping the official retirement age at 62. Serious attacks were caused on Thursday night by demonstrators reacting to the government’s decisions. Cars were torched in Paris and other French cities as unions called on workers to intensify their protests and briefly blocked a Paris ring road on Friday. Also, several regional inter-unions have already announced new mobilizations, ahead of the one planned for March 23.