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Karapapas was looking for Bennett and VARists!


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Few hours remaining for the start of this year’s league playoffs.

Of a race which – by general admission – is more exciting even from those described at the beginning of the season by now optimistic.

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Four contenders for the championship – one with more and another with less chances – and a place open for the European tickets with the difference between the contenders being absolutely marginal.

The better onestherefore, conditions for the domestic football product to take a step front.

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Oh no…

According to his information sport-fm.grfrom completely confirmed sources, at noon on Friday, a few hours before the start of this particularly important mini-season, representative office of PAE Olympiacos visited its premises VAR.

According to the information, this visit was made by the vice-president of PAE, Konstantinos Karapapasaccompanied by five or six other men.

A visit made with a purpose locating service officials. A visit which, it is said, took place later and at the KED offices in order to identify the referee, Steve Bennett.

It is not known, of course, what exactly they wanted to convey to him. All we can assume is that Konstantinos Karapapas and his entourage wanted to express their complaints to the head of the KED on their occasion definitions of the referees of the first game of the playoffs.

Complaints expressed and institutionally with the letter sent by the president of PAE Olympiacos, Vangelis Marinakiswith the property (and) of president of the Super League in EPO and KED.

The visit bears fruit did not yieldas Friday noon the offices where the VAR facilities are housed are usually permission – like today – while Steve Bennett himself is there Outside Greece. Which, of course, is not a secret. And here comes another one reasonable question. Maybe this visit was made with the aim of passing someone else message;

This question, of course, cannot be answered either. As of course no one can answer that question about the danger hidden by targeting by statements, announcements or visits by arbitrators or agents of the arbitration.

After all, we live in a country that is still trying to figure out why a culprit has not been identified in the dozens of attacks against referees, journalists – even judges – all these years.

And we are discussing all this, while the more are beginning exciting playoffs…

Source: Sport Fm

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