Lucas Leyva retired from active action due to a heart problem!


After 18 years of career at the top level, Mr Lucas Leyva announced her his withdrawal from active action due to heart problem!

Its Brazilian midfielder Gremiowhich also went through the Liverpool and Lazioannounced the news at a press conference, explaining how “this has been a difficult time for me, it’s the first time I’ve cried over this case.”

The heart condition had been identified in tests that had been submitted to 36 years old now a veteran footballer in December, with doctors advising him to stop playing football in order not to put his life in danger.

The former international midfielder counted 346 appearances with the Liverpool between 2007 and 2017 and another 198 in the next five years with her shirt Laziowhile the previous summer he had returned to his beloved Gremio.

“I’m finishing my career where I wanted but not in the way I wanted. I am sure that a new cycle will begin. I had high hopes that things could change, but they didn’t. My health comes first” Leyva further stated.

Source: Sport Fm

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