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Spanoulis: “After the first five minutes, we played as we had planned”


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Vassilis Spanoulis emphasized that Peristeri bwin played as it should after the first five minutes and caused surprises and had good options offensively, he asked for seriousness and work for the remaining matches of the regular season and addressed the problem of Francisco’s injury.

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Analytically: “If we exclude the first five minutes of the game, after that we played according to what we had planned and how we want to play. We played good defense, we were surprised and we had good options in attack. We keep the 35′, only the first five-six minutes, I think we were completely out of the way we want to play”.

And he continued: “For us, it was another important game. There are still three games left in the year and we have to be serious, continue to work hard, the way we work, and try to play better basketball as possible every week.”

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He was then referred to Sylvain Francisco who, due to a spasm in the lower back, was little used. “Congratulations to the children and the most important thing is to be healthy. Francisco had a back spasm because of it and didn’t compete. So let’s be healthy, work and progress.”

Source: Sport Fm

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