Two people were killed and eight others wounded by Russian strikes with “scattered weapons” on Saturday afternoon in Kramatorsk, eastern Ukraine, according to the city’s mayor.

“Russia continues to terrorize. Consequence of the shelling of Kramatorsk with cluster weapons: two dead and 8 injured, three of them seriously,” Mayor Alexander Goncharenko wrote on his Facebook page.

12 residential buildings and 14 municipal facilities were destroyed by the bombing.

AFP journalists said they heard ten near-simultaneous explosions minutes before 4pm local time and then saw smoke rising from a park in the south of the city. A little later, another ten similar explosions were heard from a district that is about 2 kilometers from the site of the first bombing.

In the park, a woman was killed. In the second bombing, a taxi driver was seriously injured. “He came to see me for a while and was getting ready to leave. I said goodbye to her, closed the door and a few seconds later I heard the explosions,” said a 46-year-old woman, Lena, whose home the driver had visited.

In front of the entrance of the house, the red taxi parked there was destroyed by the shrapnel: the tires burst and all its windows were broken.

It is the second time this week that Kramatorsk has been targeted. On Tuesday, one person was killed and three others were injured while six residential buildings were destroyed.

Kramatorsk, a city of 150,000 before the war, is close to Bakhmut, the focus of fighting for many months. After the capture of the city of Donetsk in 2014 by pro-Russian forces, Kramatorsk plays the role of the seat of Ukrainian local authorities. In April 2022 a Russian missile struck the city’s train station, killing 60 civilians waiting for the train to leave the area.