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Furious Conte: “We are not a team, all I see are 11 selfish footballers without heart”


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The Tottenham coach lashed out at his players, Antonio Contefollowing his side’s draw against Premier League bottoms Southampton.

During the press conference after the end of the match, the Italian coach characterized selfish and… blame his players, while he mentioned that this situation has been valid for 20 years in Tottenham, stressing that this is also the reason why the Londoners have not managed to win a trophy.

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What the Tottenham manager said in detail:

“We are not a team. Just 11 selfish footballers who don’t want to help each other and don’t play with heart. Every season the same thing happens with this team. The club has responsibilities for transfer moves, just as the coach has his own responsibilities. But where are the responsibilities of the footballers? I see 11 footballers who play only for themselves”.

“I don’t want to hide it anymore, at Tottenham they are used to this situation, regardless of who the manager is. They are not playing for anything important. They don’t want to play under pressure and always take the easy way out. This has been the situation at Tottenham for 20 years. He has won nothing and I wonder why. If they want to continue like this, they can change the coach, but the situation will not change, believe me.”

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“There is no… fire, there is no necessary will. These are needed at all times. When you’re not a team, you can’t improve. We have to play for the chest badge and to make our friends proud. We need the spark in our eyes. These performances are not acceptable to our fans, who follow us and pay for their tickets.”.

Source: Sport Fm

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