Piqué comments on the accusation of rape and arrest of Daniel Alves: ‘State of shock’


Gerard Piqué commented that he was in “a state of shock” when he found out about the rape accusation against Daniel Alves and the player’s arrest. The two played together for Barcelona. Retired Piqué said he hoped “justice will do its job”.

“It’s a complicated case. I know and appreciate it. Everything, for his companions, is very heavy. I want Justice to do its job. Until they tell me that it did, we have to wait. wait what the judge says, and what he says we have to accept. And help the victim in the process”, he said in an interview with a Spanish radio.

He also said that he never thought that Daniel could act that way and that he has the feeling that he doesn’t know him anymore. “When you’re a roommate, you share everything. The feeling is that you know him, and then you don’t know him anymore. You’re in a state of shock, because you think ‘we share everything’. If it really happened, you have to be very tough with him and with everyone who does something like that. Me included, it would be tougher than Justice determines”.

During the interview, Piqué stated that he heard “Music Sessions”, a song in which Shakira reveals his betrayals and teases the former player and his new girlfriend, who was pointed out as a lover when the couple was still together.

“I heard the song. I don’t want to talk about it. People have responsibilities, especially us who are parents, we must try to protect our children. I don’t want to say more, everyone makes the appropriate decisions. All I want is for them to be well.”

Source: Folha

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