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Olympiacos-Panathinaikos: First battle for the championship!


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In the battle of the finals for the cup of the champion team in A1 Women’s are thrown today at noon (19/3, 14:00, OSFP TV) Olympiacos and Panathinaikos, since they are competing in a big “eternal” derby in hall 5 of the SEF. THE series to start from 1-1 (wins during the regular season of the championship also count), while the title will be taken by the one who arrives first in four wins!

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The Piraeus women are the ones who have the home advantage since despite the one victory each club had, they were the ones who finally kept the difference. The “greens”, on the other hand, perhaps have the… psychology, since with a “double” in the SEF during the season, they left the “red and white” out of the Final 4 of the Cup.

Last season, Olympiacos was the one to do the double, defeating Panathinaikos in the finals of the championship, while earlier it had won the derby in the semi-finals of the Cup, which led it to the cup. This year the “clover” competed in the Eurocup, while the current hosts in the Euroleague.

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“We know each other very well as teams, we have played together many times and many of the girls have played together for years. We know what each one does on the field. It is a series and games that will be judged on details. We have to stick to the coaches’ plan, control the rebounds and put on the field what we do in training”, were her words Anna Nikis Stamolambrau.

“We know the strong elements of Olympiakos, we are doing scouting and we have to focus on them. The rebounds, the fast game, the racket game, the three-pointers, let’s pay attention to everything, pay special attention”said the Penelope Pavlopoulou.

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