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Kotarski: “In the playoffs let’s win every game”


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Victory motto, not only in tonight’s derby with Aris, but also in every match of the playoffs, is given by Dominic Kotarski. His Croatian goalkeeper PAOK he believes that his team is capable of covering the difference from the leaders.

What he said to the NOVA camera in detail:

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As to what state it is in: “I feel very good. I trained very well these days. I am very excited for the game against Aris. I think it will be a very good game and I’m really looking forward to experiencing it and helping the team.”

On his presence in the team in the regular season: “It was a very good experience. I think the team played very good games. We definitely should have had some more points. But this is in the past and should not affect us in any way. Now we have before us the ten games of the play offs in which it gives us the opportunity to dream and fight for the goals we set at the beginning of the year. We’re still within reach so it’s a great opportunity for us to fight. It’s really ten very interesting back-to-back derby games. So it’s very good for us to go and experience them, but also for Greek football in general, which will keep interest very high.”

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For his absence in two games: “It is certainly not easy for a footballer not to compete. But unfortunately this happens in the life of a football player. I missed two games due to illness, the other due to cards. The good thing about our team is that there are guys ready to replace and help the team. So that didn’t affect us at all, and it didn’t affect me either. As I’ve come back in the last three games, I’ve been fighting and I’ve found my rhythm again.”

On what is PAOK’s goal in the play offs: “I think the only thing we really care about is winning every game. And at the end, when the championship is over, let’s do the checkout to see what we have achieved. But we’re not concerned with anything other than winning every next game.”

On the successful derby results and whether it is a positive example ahead of the play offs: “Once again, PAOK is going to win every game. This is our job as well as our mission. I think we have to focus on each game individually, as we always do. They are difficult games, we know that. The truth is we played well in the regular season in those games. But again it’s something new that we have to be totally focused on.”

On what characteristics the team must show in the play offs: “Mainly it’s the unity we have as a team. But also this harmonious way we have as a team. There are clearly a lot of quality players in the team. But our main characteristic is how united we are, how much we fight for each other, how much we try to help each other. And this harmonious way is our key feature that enables us to fight in these games.”

For the derby with Mars: “I think the clear objective is the three points, there is nothing else for us in this game. I don’t want to make any comments about the opponent, but I prefer to focus on my team and what we have to do. But it’s clear that we’re going to fight to get the three points.”

Source: Sport Fm

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