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Serelis: There was a foul that was not given – Let’s build a team so that we don’t care about the last stages


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Christos Serelis commented on the last phase of the derby between Panathinaikos and Olympiakos, stressing that Papagiannis was fouled.

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In detail, what he said at the press conference:

Today marks four years since the death of Thanasis Giannakopoulos, as a team we wanted to honor his memory with a victory, unfortunately we did not succeed. Now for the game… Part 2 is a guide for our team. I’ve said it and I’ll say it again, it’s not easy aggressively to change a lot in such a short period of time.

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In defense we must be there in every game and in every possession, with any opponent and not only with Olympiakos. To make the losses we need. The team is saddened by the defeat, from the first practice we will work to improve our disadvantages to be ready for the last part of the season.

I have a clear opinion about the last phase of Papagiannis, there was a foul that was not given. I prefer to focus on how my team approaches the games, that should be our aim. We should build teams so that we don’t care at all about the last stages. We haven’t conceded a game since I’ve been here. We had a bad bracket against PAOK, it was unacceptable and we discussed it.

We’re buying time and we’re going to work more on offense, today we got pretty stuck on the pick-and-roll changes, we expected it. It’s not an excuse, we’ll be more ready down the road because we’ll be working on those pieces. Bacon wanted to enter the match, maybe his condition worsened, we will see tomorrow about that.

Ponitka is a point of reference, he is a leader and he can connect the front line with the guards. When I miss a player like that, it’s a problem. There is more trust between the players and it shows, at least I see it. We all fight together for the results we want.

In my mind, in the locker room I try to be fair. Bacon’s abilities are significant. I said it, Bacon will decide his future. If it continues to be this way, it’s a weapon we need. He can become more impactful for us both in scoring and creating. In the last attack he passed to Williams, it was something we asked for and it happened and for me that is very important. For me, apparently, what had happened is over.

Olympiacos chose to play substitutions so that Papagiannis wouldn’t touch the ball. Papagiannis is a leader in a period that is not very pleasant. He carries a great burden, I personally have no complaints from Papagiannis. It is not easy to be a captain, I ask him to close his ears, work hard. There will be good days and bad days».

Source: Sport Fm

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