Tsatalis: “They are going to take us out of favor”


For an attempt to present the AEK as a beneficiary of the arbitration at yesterday’s derby with Panathinaikos (0-0) makes a speech Tassos Tsatalis. The communication manager of the yellow and black PAE emphasizes that there is no penalty in the hand of Hadjisafi and comments on the second yellow in Amrabad.

In detail, he states in his post on social media:

The two most regular TV referee referees agree that there is no penalty in favor of Panathinaikos in the Hadjisafi phase. And of course there isn’t.

One of the two says there is no card in Amrabad’s hand. In fact, this remains as the only debatable decision of those in which they go to get us favored. In a match that did not use VAR, the referee changed his decision for a penalty in our favor. From the category of penalties awarded with the scoop via VAR this year in favor of our opponents.

Despite this, today’s headlines, of various origins, want us super favored. The same people who saw Kabakov just fine, didn’t notice anything strange with the Norwegian in Toumba and so on…

Since the conversation brought it up, I would really like someone to explain to me that it is an offensive foul by Simanski, but it was not the one on Hadjisafi in the phase of the first of the two penalties – ghosts on the Avenue.

Finally, the fact that OSFP’s communication serves the narrative of favoring AEK against Panathinaikos says it all.

Source: Sport Fm

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