With micro-tensions the session of the Mixed Jury Court of Thessaloniki has begun, for the horrific murder of Alkis Kampanos by PAOK fans

The director of the Forensic and Toxicology Laboratory of the AUTH, professor of the Department of Medicine of the AUTH, medical examiner Lyda-Kalliopi Kovatsis, who performed the autopsy on the body of the unfortunate 19-year-old, is testifying before the court.

After swearing to tell the truth, he advised Alki’s parents who were inside the room to leave as they would be reported very harsh details of their child’s murder.

“As a mother, I advise Alki’s parents to leave the room. What we will hear is very hard for all of us. It’s certainly not for a mother to hear.”

Subsequently, the parents of the unfortunate young man left the room, with the advocate of one of the 12 defendants, Kiki Bakirtzidou, expressing her opposition to the advice of Mrs. Kovatsis.

“Ms. Kovatsis has not come here either as a mother or as a co-mother. I have never heard such a thing in so many years in courtrooms.”

The lawyer of the family of Alkis Kampanos, Alexis Kougias, gave the answer, saying that he did not hear it again because such a crime has never happened before.

The trial continues with the testimony of Mrs. Kovatsis, who gives details about the injuries of Alki’s two friends on the day of the murderous attack by PAOK fans.