Petridis-Zervas: The analysis of the derby and the refereeing


George Petridis and Nikos Zervas they spoke to News Bulletin 247 for “Eternal” basketball derby (74-76)and the debate it raised about arbitration.

It is a clear mistake in the last phase, as it was in SEF on Bacon. They did not let Panathinaikos claim the victory“, his reporter said Panathinaikou: “The team has things to keep, however. He lost Ponitka on Thursday, temporarily lost Bacon, and despite being at -12 he got back into the match. He credits the American for wanting to play despite the sprain. In the end, the match was lost in the details. Serelis has won the team and it shows from the performance of players like Grigonis and Mantzoukas“, he added.

It’s a foul on Papagiannis, but before this phase there are clean steps by Grigonis and a non-existent foul whistled on Larentzakis. Standing in the last phase are those who, until a few years ago, saw everything going well in Greek arbitration“, his reporter noted on his side Olympiakou. “The most difficult thing for Olympiakos was to find motivation having secured the advantage and in the midst of such a busy schedule. The first rotation was mentally empty and Panathinaikos was much better than the previous games. McKissick and Larentzakis were the best, Boloboi was very good and Sloukas helped a lot in the creation“, he added.

Source: Sport Fm

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