Bolos: “The Greek arbitration stands with servitude towards the big ones”


Volos expressed his complaints about the refereeing of Aristotelis Diamantopoulos in yesterday’s game against Olympiakos in a statement.

In it, the team from Magnesia records two phases in which it considers that the Greek referee blew the whistle in favor of the “red and white” and repeats its demand for foreign referees in its matches in the playoffs.

The relevant announcement in detail:

“Once again, the Greek arbitration proved that it is not capable of standing up to the circumstances and whenever it is given the opportunity it will stand servilely in front of the “big ones”.

In the 5th minute, Ozegovic steals the ball cleanly from Papastathopoulos and while our footballer goes out four-four, the referee Diamantopoulos… discovers an offensive foul.

Two minutes later, in a claim for the ball, where in basketball we doubt whether a violation would be indicated, referee Diamantopoulos called a foul in favor of the “big one”, from which Olympiakos’ first goal came.

Two mistakes that, when you face a big team like Olympiacos, are capable of altering the result and denying you the right to claim what belongs to you on the field.

This is why we DEMANDED and will continue to DEMAND foreign referees in our playoff games.

To give us the opportunity to continue dreaming.”

Source: Sport Fm

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