Demis: “Panathinaikos is right to shout – I don’t understand how Amrbat was not expelled”


Ntemis Nikolaidis commented on the show Monday FC of Novasports channels his refereeing Montenegro Dabanovic in AEK’s derby with Panathinaikos and his mistakes, which “it may have been more than his correct decisions“, as he said!

Very poor refereeing, if he was a Greek referee he would have been deleted. The foreigner should be better than the Greek, otherwise why not support the Greek? Maybe his mistakes were more than the right decisions. To pay more and bring in the best“, commented Demis, among others.

Afterwards, he analyzed the disputed phases of the match, which raised a storm of reactions, stressing that Panathinaikos shouts rightly!

First, of Amrabad’s hand, he said:There is no clear-cut regulation. It also has to do with interpretation. Does this mean any player can do this five times and not eat a card? It’s not like that! He could also be punished for unsportsmanlike conduct, while he is given a second yellow card for the tackle as well. It doesn’t matter who finds the ball. In general the refereeing was very poor and Panathinaikos rightly has complaints, since most of the mistakes were against them. I, however, would like to see one after the match AEK-Panathinaikos joint announcement for better referees. Amrabad’s is too much. I can’t understand how she didn’t fire him».

He added: “One hypothesis I made, and looked for, but found no footage of, as we lost the phase due to Rota’s chance, is the possibility that the referee would have blown the whistle to get Amrabad out of the box, IF he was free. We saw Brignoli make a rebound and nothing else. You mean it’s a yellow card and a sending off».

Regarding the penalty, requested by Panathinaikos, he noted: “I don’t know if it’s a foul by Kourbelis or not, it affects Hadjisafi and the ball comes from his teammate and goes out. Be that as it may, Panathinaikos is rightly shouting, I am clarifying this, because we are seeing the ball”.

As for the last phase and the penalty, which was given to AEK initially, but then Dabanovic took it back, he said:I sat down and read the regulation. The regulation, therefore, urges the referee to go to VAR when a phase determines the result and it happens in stoppage time. I don’t know what we’re missing there. And of course even if he saw it, there is no penalty for AEK».

From then on, referring to the competitive part of the derby, Nikolaidis asserted: “I once again saw Panathinaikos make it difficult for AEK. We saw Panathinaikos in a better version. He pressed, was more courageous in attack, played more aggressive defense. The whole secret of Panathinaikos was to play with 3 midfielders, with Tserin, Kourbelis and Pereth. He managed to push and get ahead. PAO is better than 1-0».

Lately I have been hearing various comments about Athanasiadis. In a great phase of Panathinaikos, Athanasiadis stopped it“, he added.

I saw AEK defend further back. I have the impression that he was influenced by the fact that he ate counterattacks from Olympiakos. He didn’t make pressing defenses. Let’s not forget that he is playing with a good team. AEK was no worse than Panathinaikos. Panathinaikos won from his behavior, with great intensity“, he pointed out.

AEK has raised the bar high and thus the criticism is based on the good matches it has played and will be more strict. We saw a nice derby. AEK was better or equal in the matches. AEK has not won a match when it is not much better“, he underlined.

The intensity has dropped, he was playing at 10, he is fatally tired because the championship is over. Even though the intensity dropped from 10 to 8. AEK is in a good mood even though the intensity dropped. I see a fatigue, will it last? We will tirelessly see wrong decisions being made“, he pointed out.

I like this coach, I like what I see from AEK Almeida. If AEK supports this, either this year or next year it can win the championship“, he underlined and in relation to the criticism that has recently been made, he asserted: “AEK is fine, the issue is management».

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Source: Sport Fm

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