PAE Aegaleo responded about the “suspicious” game with Ilioupoli

PAE Aegaleo responded about the “suspicious” game with Ilioupoli

The news that saw the light of day and states that the Betting Fraud Detection CompanySportradar, informed the EPO of 13 “suspicious” games in the Super League 2 championship, brought a response in the form of a statement from PAE Aegaleo.

The specific investigation also includes the confrontation between Aegaleos and Ilioupoli held last January, while through the announcement there is talk of manipulations and defamatory behaviors, while all sports and judicial authorities are required to immediately adjudicate and clear the case, so that the truth will shine as soon as possible.

The announcement of PAE Aegaleo in detail:

“On the occasion of the publication of the 13 matches of the SUPER LEAGUE 2 that are under investigation and which includes the Aigaleo-Ilioupoli match, we ask all the sports and judicial authorities for an immediate trial and settlement of the case in order to eliminate any possible shadow over our team.

PAE Aegaleo 1931 has a long and respectable history and a management that abhors such manipulation and defamatory behavior.

We call on those responsible to immediately resolve this pending matter and let the truth shine brightly. Far from Aegaleo such practices and methods of the underworld and darkness”.

Source: Sport Fm

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