Numbers and information for the upcoming Panhellenic Table Tennis Championship in Amyntaio


The 2023 Panhellenic Men’s-Women’s Table Tennis Championship will be held in the indoor gym of Amyntaio next weekend and is the first noteworthy element of the annual event. In the town of the Regional Unity in Macedonia, located at a distance of 33 kilometers from the city of Florina, the Panhellenic Championship of the big category will be held for the first time.

In the last two years it was held in SEF and this year it is held again in the region after 2020, where it was held in Chania. With the participation of top names in the sport, it promises spectacle and emotions and will highlight the Greek champions of the 2022-2023 season in five individual events.

While waiting for the action to start, here are numbers and information related to this year’s event:

# The final participation declarations reached 69 and come from 28 associations. In the singles, 39 athletes and 30 athletes showed practical interest out of 64 and 48 respectively, which was the participation limit.

# Yiannis Sgouropoulos and Konstantina Paridis will defend their singles titles, distinctions they won in February 2022. They are in second and first place respectively in the seeding.

# Like last year’s Greek doubles champions, they will work together again. The Konstantinopoulos brothers, George and Konstantinos, who have completed five Panhellenic titles as a duo, and Aliki Kioufi with Malamatenia Papadimitriou, who won the gold medal together for the first time in the event.

# Konstantinos Angelakis reappears in the Panhellenic Championship and is also the first favorite. After the 2020 event in Crete, where he also won the men’s singles national title, he was absent from the 2021 and 2022 championships due to knee injuries.

# Among the first seven favorites of the men’s singles in the upcoming event we meet five Greek champions of the competition. Besides Angelakis and Sgouropoulos, there are Konstantinos Konstantinopoulos, Tasos Riniotis and George Stamatouros.

# Among the women, on the contrary, only Konstantina Paridis among the participants has tasted the joy of a pan-Hellenic title in women’s singles.

# Of course, like every year, this year too there are significant absences in the institution. In Amyntaeo, the great absence is recorded among women. The leading Greek in the world ranking, Katerina Toliou, four-time champion of Greece in the women’s singles and last year’s finalist, was left out of the competition for the first time due to competitive activities abroad.

# Greece’s 2022 runner-up in men’s singles and doubles, Dimitris Papadimitriou, and the “silver” in women’s singles in 2021, Elisavet Terpou, also did not declare participation. The absences of Kallinikos Kreangas and Panagiotis Gionis are classic.

# The record holder of the Panhellenic singles titles, Yiannis Vlotinos, chose another year to take part only in the men’s doubles.

# In the men’s doubles, 18 pairs entered. In the women’s doubles 13 and in the mixed doubles 25.

# For the men’s-women’s mixed doubles, we should emphasize that it is returning to the program of the institution after 13 years. The competition took place last year in the period 2009-2010. Subsequently, E.F.O.E.P.A. removed it from the Panhellenic championships and recently reinstated it.

Last year she had included it in her calendar as a separate event, but it did not meet with a response and she canceled it. This year, he included it again in the program with the rest of the events, as he has done since the 2021-2022 season in the Panhellenic age groups.

# In Amyntaio, the mixed doubles competition will only take place on Saturday 25/03. The final was scheduled for 20:00. The championship will end at noon on Sunday 26/03, the doubles finals were calculated for 13:40 and the singles finals for 14:20.

# The last Panhellenic mixed doubles champions, before its suspension, were in the period 2009-2010 Yannis Vlotinos and Katerina Doulaki.

# ΕΤΕΤΑ provided a coach for the transportation of athletes, coaches and attendants (with a small participation fee) to the Panhellenic Championship in Amyntaio. The coach will leave on Friday morning from SEF and this is a move that the Federation had to make for many years for its matches away from Athens.

# Florina has hosted various competitive activities in the sport in the last decade and among them were two consecutive Panhellenic Championships for girls and boys (2020, 2021). In its wider region, it will now have the pleasure and honor to hold a Panhellenic Championship for men and women.

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