The head of American diplomacy, Anthony Blinken, yesterday Wednesday advocated the rejoining of the United States of America as soon as possible in the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Training Organization (UNESCO), so that the country would be able to oppose what China is promoting.

“I truly believe that we should return to UNESCO,” said the US Secretary of State, who spoke before a congressional committee.

“Not to give her a present, but because what is done to her matters,” he added, citing in particular the discussions at the Paris-based organization on artificial intelligence, on education…

The US pulled out of UNESCO in 2018 under former Republican President Donald Trump in retaliation for what his administration said was an “anti-Israel” stance. They had already suspended the payment of their financial contributions to it in 2011, when the Palestinians became members.

“China is currently the country with the largest contribution to UNESCO,” Mr. Blinken emphasized, while “we are not even at the table. It’s important to come back,” he insisted.

The State Department is seeking $150 million in funding to fund the eventual return of the U.S. to UNESCO, based on the President Joe Biden administration’s fiscal year 2024 state budget draft that was recently submitted to Congress for consideration and approval.