Meeting of players for professional volleyball


The agenda of Friday’s meeting between EOPE, ESAP and PASAP included pending issues concerning the Men’s Volleyball League championship and issues concerning the relations between TAA and paid athletes.

The discussion was held in a positive atmosphere and proposals were submitted from all sides for:

Actions to be taken to speed up procedures to combat match fixing and inform all involved (agents / coaches / / athletes).

Actions for the establishment of the Committee for the Resolution of Financial Disputes in order to issue decisions on pending cases and to re-operate the Commission for any new cases.

Matters concerning the operation of the Professional Sports Committee were discussed.

The issue of the number of foreign athletes was discussed.

The issue of the number of teams to participate in the Men’s Volleyball League from the 2024-25 season was discussed.

Organizational issues were discussed with the aim of improving TAA services and upgrading the Men’s Volleyball League.

It was agreed, on the part of PASAP, to submit specific proposals to the League by the end of March at the latest.

It was agreed that the specific process should be completed by Easter at the latest, so that all parties know how they will proceed, in view of the next and subsequent competition season.

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