He overturned Niki Lefkada and Eleftheria Moschatos made it to the final!


The ticket to the Final Four of the Greek Cup, where Panathinaikos is already waiting, was taken by Eleftheria Moschatouh, prevailing 56-50 of Niki Lefkada at Klisto of Zofria for the second semi-final of the institution!

The team of Giorgos Simos, despite the fact that they had led by ten points at the beginning of the second half, needed a big upset in the final to get the qualification and give the “present” for second consecutive year in the final of the event!

Leading for the winners was Karakasidou with 17 points, while closely followed by stop with 10 points. For Niki Lefkada, she stood out Carey with 16 points and 13 rebounds.

The match:

The beginning of the match was nervous, with both teams falling into several mistakes, but also many missed shots. With Damoulakis and Carey attacking Niki Lefkadas aggressively, the typical guests took a 12-6 lead in the 7th minute. Eleftheria Moschatou “answered” with three well-placed three-pointers in the last two minutes, closing the first period at +2 and 15-13.

The mistakes and missed shots continued in the second period, where the two teams went hand-in-hand for most of the quarter. However, an Eleftheria Moschatos burst from midway through the period allowed Giorgos Simos’ girls to go on an 8-1 run, going into the locker room with an eight-point lead. for 31-24.

The goal-foul of Karakasidou at the beginning of the third period, brought the typical home team for the first time at +10 (34-24). Niki’s answer somewhat picked up the difference for the 43-38 of the quarterwhile the fact that no points were scored in the last three minutes was remarkable!

In the last period, Niki Lefkada, not only was able to reduce the difference, on the contrary, it went ahead in the score with 50-48 in the 36th minute. And while everything looked like it would be a big battle until the final, Stavros Nanakou’s team suffered… a total blackout, which was taken advantage of by Eleftheria Moschatos, who with an 8-0 run in the last three minutes got the pink card. with the final 56-50.

The quarters: 15-13, 31-24, 43-38, 56-50.

Source: Sport Fm

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