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In… the minds of the coaches:

THE Gustavo Poget lined her up Greek national team with the known 4-3-3 and Vlachodemos at the hearth. On the right end of the defense was Baldok, on the left was Tsimikas, with Hadzidiakos and Mavropanos in the center of the defense. As a six in front of them was Siopis, with Mandalo and Bakaseta as inside midfielders. Pelkas and Masouras started in the two “wings” of the attack and Giakoumakis at the top, perhaps the only surprise from the Uruguayan technician.

It should be noted that Ioannidis, Koulierakis and Bouchalakis, who were dealing with injury problems, were left out of the mission.

Same system from Julio Ribas for Gibraltar. Coleing was under the posts, with Olivero, Cipolina, Sergent and Vallarino, in defense from right to left. Torria, Brito and Bernardo López formed the midfield trio, while Ronan, Walker and Tsachiaro made up the corresponding attacking trio.

It should be noted that they were in the starting XI of Gibraltar two footballers over 40 years old. Specifically, captain Roy Cipollina and Lee Casciaro.

The match:

Without charging particularly, the National Team started to take the reins in the match from the first minutes, transferring the whole game to the frames of the typically home team.

Our representative group created its first moment in 6′with Chimika hitting the far post, but his header Giakoumaki passed out. More generally, the Greek forward was the main exponent of Poget’s team’s attacks, taking many tries.

The National Team redeemed its superiority very quickly, in a phase with very good circulation. Specifically, at 11′The Latch turned to the height of the large area on Baldockwho broke into Masura who opened the scoring with a diagonal shot.

Poget’s players continued to press for the second goal. Of course, the next phase came in 23′: Nice balls by Mandalos as well as the feint of Giakoumakis, who then did not place well from an advantageous position. Since then, the visitors started to threaten steadily, in the 30′ and 35′ with Giakoumakis and in between (34′) with Mandalos. To come to 36′, when after also excellent movement (better than that of the goal), the ball arrived between the penalty area and a large area to Pelkas, whose shot sent it to the crossbar.

And after Greece had increased its pressure at full-time and missed another chance with Mandalos (41′), it reached 2-0 at the end of the first half. In the 45′ Pelkas broke at the height of the semicircle of the large area at Silencewho sent the ball into the net with a one-piece shooter.

The two teams started the second half without changes. If the national team also continued to have the reins and… squeezed Gibraltar, it reached a third goal relatively soon, in 58′. Mandalos with a wonderful long ball brought out Bakaseta in a four-on-four position, who brought down and placed correctly for 0-3.

Afterwards, the National team reached a… breath in doubles for 0-3 having two beams, in 70′ with the shot inside the newcomer’s area Pavlidis and to 73′ with his head Mandala.

It took until the 80th minute for Gibraltar to score their first and only final, with Walker shooting on the move and Vlahodemos getting down to block. Constantelia’s phase in the 90’+1′ did not turn into a goal, so the game ended 0-3.

Watch the match live here.

The initial compositions of the two teams:

Greece (Gustavo Poget): Vlachodimos – Baldok, Hatzidiakos, Mavropanos, Tsimikas – Siopis, Mandalos, Bakasetas – Pelkas, Giakoumakis, Masouras.

Gibraltar (Julio Ribas): Coleing – Olivero, Cipollina, Sergent, Valarino – Torria, Brito, Bernardo Lopez – Ronan, Walker, Chachiaro.

Source: Sport Fm

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