Serelis outburst after the defeat by AEK: “Since no one says sorry, I will say it myself”


He flashed and thundered after the defeat of Panathinaikos by AEK in Liosia with 77-73 o Christos Serelis!

The coach of the “trefoil”, after initially congratulating “Union” for its victory, described his team’s defeat as hard while strongly commenting on the situation prevailing in the “green” camp, attempting to request the Sorry that no one else has said so far.

In the end, the Greek coach referred to a lack of understanding of the problem, when asked about the double face of Panathinaikos in Greece and Europe.

In detail what Christos Serelis said:

“I want to congratulate AEK for the huge effort they made and the victory they got. We had talked to the guys, two days now, we were telling them that it was a very important game. It is the second time we play in the Basket League after a good performance in the EuroLeague, where in theory we say to certify that we are on an upward path, on a better path. But once again we lose.

For me it is a very harsh result. It is a very bad result for the team. Sometimes we give the impression that we are just waiting to theoretically play in the playoffs. Some people do not understand that it is not possible to play in the finals of the championship if we present ourselves the way we present ourselves. We know the objective problems that exist in the team and we have to stop talking to each other because it is a bit tiring I would say.

Everyone else, including me, will have to work hard so that we present ourselves properly in all games. And not only in those where the spotlight may be more focused on the team. That’s what I had to say.

All year also, I may not have been at Panathinaikos, but from the whole situation and the surrounding atmosphere I have not heard anyone really come out and say an apology for a presence, I would say, without nerve, without stubbornness, without effort. In the first half we committed only six fouls, while we came to play a derby with AEK. So I will say it myself, who have only been here for a month. All I have to say is that at the end of the season, those who understand where they are will play and those who will tear themselves apart, as I say, in all the games.”.

For the two faces of Panathinaikos in Greece and Europe: “You see how I go out and say it publicly, not only within the team. It’s not a matter of mood, that someone doesn’t want to play. I’ll say it like I think it. It’s a matter of perception of the situation. There is no understanding of the situation that this group is experiencing”

Source: Sport Fm

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