Kifisia returned to winning ways and maintained a margin of safety


Back to winning ways comfortably for her Kifissia! The team from the northern suburbs won 2-0 against Ilioupoli at “Georgios Kamaras” for the 16th matchday of Super League 2 and maintained the difference from the second Apollon in safety difference, effectively “erasing” the defeat of the previous competition.

To them 40 degrees now Kifisia, which counts an impressive streak of 14 victories, remained in 9th place Ilioupoli with a harvest of 20 points in 15 matches.

The match

In the first quarter the game was reconnaissance in nature, with Kifissia moving the ball mainly from the right with Panagiotou as the main spokesperson. The first good moment came in the 14th minute with Talal making a hidden forward move, but the header he made from the height of the small area went just wide.

The superiority of Giorgos Petrakis’ team turned into a goal three minutes later when Papasavvas controlled the ball, passed it to Slot who with a wonderful shot with the left beat Peristeridis for 1-0. The game got tough from that point on with Ilioupoli trying to counter to equalize. In the 29th minute, Fribong, after a sharp free kick by Kostopoulos, caught the one-piece shot outside the area with the ball ending up just wide. This was also the last phase for the first half with Kifisia going to the dressing room in front of the score with 1-0.

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The first minutes of the second half flowed smoothly with Kifissia doing maintenance in contrast to Ilioupoli who advanced for the equaliser, without however creating any problem for the opposing defence. The first really good moment in the second half was in the 67th minute when Panagiotou found Talal, the Tunisian shot with the ball going wide of Peristeridis’ post. In the 76th minute, the leader of the standings Kifisia “locked” the victory with the perfect finish of Koiroukidis after Posatzidis’ cross for the final 2-0.

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The elevens:

Kifissia (Petrakis): Anagnostopoulos, Vafeas, Mazoulouxis, Panagiotou, Papasavvas (75′ Noikokyrakis), Gini, Talal (75′ Kouiroukidis), Pritsas (62′ Peios), Na’a (62′ Pavlakis), Pozatzidis, Tetei (87′ Kallergis).

Ilioupoli (Pantelis): Peristeridis, Varkas, Kostopoulos (81′ Ato), Andreou, Fribong (74′ Triantafyllakos), Gotsoulias, Kretsi, Gioulis, Vassiliou (81′ Baxevanos), Bastakos, Bosnakidis.

The 16th round in detail:

A’ Group

Friday March 24th

Almopos Aridaias-Iraklis 2-0

(28′ Pettas, 88′ Souliotis)

Saturday, March 25, 2023

Apollon Larissa-Panathinaikos B 0-3 (due to punishment of Apollon)

Sunday, March 26


Diagoras-Apollon Pontou 0-1

(37′ auto. Magkakis)

Iraklis Larisa-AEL 0-3

(32′ Papageorgiou, 45’+1′ Ogboe, 78′ Tsirigotis)

Victory of Volos-Macedonikos 2-0

(52′ Tzioras, 62′ Kritikos)

Thesprotos-Panserraikos 0-2

(38′ Said, 90’+’6 Canis)

B’ Group

Friday March 24th

Progressive-PAO Roof 2-1

(3′ Borges, 90+4′ Madic – 17′ Venardos)

Saturday, March 25

AEK B-Apollo Smyrna 0-2

Sunday, March 26

Panachaiki-Chania 0-0

OF Ierapetra-Egaleo 0-0

Herodotus-Kalamata 1-2

(48′ Levichanin – 21′, 84′ Rovas)

Olympiakos B-Episkopi ANB.

Monday March 27

Kifissia-Ilioupoli 2-0

(17′ Pritsas, 76′ Kouiroukidis)

The next (17th) matchday:

A’ Group


Panathinaikos B-Thesprotos

Rebirth of Karditsa-Diagoras

Veria-Niki Volos

Panseraikos-Almops Aridaias

Apollon Pontou-Iraklis of Larissa

B’ Group


Kalamata-Olympiakos B

Athens Kallithea-Progressive

Ilioupoli-AEK B

Apollo of Smyrna-Herodotus


PAO Roof-OF Ierapetra

Source: Sport Fm

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