Police investigations are underway to locate a 26-year-old woman who escaped last night from the Sithonia Police Station, in Halkidiki, where she was being held pending transfer to the women’s prison of Korydallos, as she had been remanded in custody for stealing jewelry worth 600,000 euros from a jewelry store.

According to what became known, the 26-year-old escaped through the toilet window of the Department where she earlier asked to be taken by the police, citing her natural need. Since then, investigations have been started in the wider area, but so far they have not yielded any results, while the prosecutor of the first court of Polygyros was informed about this.

The 26-year-old had apologized on March 24 to the investigator Polygyros and with the consent of the prosecutor she was temporarily detained. He was going to join Korydallos and until then he was detained at the Sithonia Police Station from where he finally escaped.

According to the police, the theft of the jewelry for which he is accused took place at the beginning of last November, when he broke into a jewelry store in Polygyros. On the same day, he allegedly attempted to break into the home of the owner of the jewelry store, but failed. He returned two weeks later, however, taking jewelry and money, worth 1,100 euros, from the same house.

Shortly before Christmas, her involvement in the thefts was identified by the police investigation, resulting in her being located in Thessaloniki. In subsequent searches, she was found to be in possession of key fobs from both the jewelry store and the victim’s home, as well as a remote control for the “target” store’s metal security roller. The case file had been submitted to the Polygyro First Instance Prosecutor’s Office and was dismissed as part of a regular interrogation.