AEK: “Olympiacos did not want anything to come out of this meeting”!


Her own position on what happened at the meeting at the EPO offices where the representatives of the six playoff teams participated Stoiximan Super League and the Bennetts, Baltakos as well, AEK reported.

The “yellow and black” argue that the Olympic he did not want anything to come of this meeting, also saying that his representatives walked out shortly before a letter was drawn up by the teams and the UEFA to be sent to UEFA, asking for elite match referees.

At the same time, his words are conveyed Dimitris Melissanidis at the meeting and what the Union supported from its side.

Dimitris Melissanidis emphasized: “There is a lot of progress with four teams vying for the championship and it is clear that we have made great strides since the time when regardless of the strength of the teams we knew the champion from November and it was always the same.”

In addition, according to what is reported by AEKThe Melissanidis he made a special mention of the periods of the KED under the administrations of the EPO before the governing committee that was appointed at the end of 2016. He specifically mentioned the example of the KED during the periods of the Sarri-Girtziki administrations. He even specifically used the example when from the summer of 2014 to the summer of 2015 they changed the composition of the KED ten times in one year.

“Every time they thought they didn’t have 100-0 in their favor, they changed the KED in the cold, without giving an account to anyone and without moving a card. It is the most characteristic example of how much they had discredited the arbitration committee, how low they had brought the EPO, they didn’t even keep the pretenses. They made a display of power with constant changes, depending on whether they considered someone completely controllable or not.”he said.

From AEK Steve Bennett’s complaint is confirmed that an elite UEFA referee nominated himself for Olympiacos-PAOK and KED filed a complaint with UEFA and the European confederation is conducting an investigation, citing a huge scandal and the career of this referee will end.

Just before the finale, Mr. Marinakis where is the evil o Clattenberg to contact any referees he knows, on behalf of the League, as long as he then refers them to speak to the EPO if they are available. Something that brought the strong reaction of the Union and of Giorgos Kosmaswho argued that any involvement of the former chief referee is unacceptable and those referees who have spoken with him should be disqualified.

Finally, AEK states that Olympiacos was the only team that did not want anything to come out of this meeting. And the “yellow and black” claimed that at the final stage the teams had agreed to draw up a letter that they would sign together with the EPO and that the EPO would send to UEFA with the request for elite or as high as possible referees, Olympiacos suddenly withdrew while until then he participated in the process of drafting the letter. Saying characteristically how “in other words, they blew up even that.”

In addition, AEK claim that the “red and whites” had requested the letter to be sent by the League, which was rejected by AEK and PAOK who made it clear that the EPO is the only institutionally responsible for arbitration issues.

Source: Sport Fm

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