Turkish Federation to Tedoglou: “Come to your… second home – We pray for your success”


SEGAS was visited by the president of the Turkish Athletics Federation, Fatih Sidimar, and met with its president, Sofia Sakorafa. In it, the president of the Turkish federation thanked her for the actions of the Greek athletes in favor of the earthquake victims of the country and delivered a letter addressed to Miltos Tedoglou.

Mr.Sidimar thanked Tedoglou for his move to sell his shoes which were deemed unapproved and canceled his 8.40 jump with them and to donate the money from their sale to help those affected by the earthquakes.

In this letter he addresses the Greek athlete with moving words, inviting him to Turkey, which he calls the “his second home” and among other things states that “the Turkish people will always pray for your successful course”.

The SEGAS update states in detail

The president of the Turkish Athletics Federation, Fatih Sidimar, visited the offices of SEGAS today, in order to meet with the president of the Federation, Sofia Sakorafa.

The Turkish actor traveled to Greece to express his gratitude to the president of SEGAS for the actions he took to help the victims of the devastating earthquake.

At the same time, Mr. Sidimar delivered a gift and a letter to the Olympic champion Milto Tedoglou, in order to thank him personally for his donation to the struggling Turkish people.

Tedoglou, after canceling his 8.40m jump at the Toruń meeting, sold the shoes which had been deemed unsanctioned. The proceeds of the sale went, through the Federation, entirely to the earthquake victims of Turkey.

The meeting took place in a cordial atmosphere and both sides had the opportunity to discuss both the upcoming elections of the European Athletics Federation, as well as competitive issues concerning the Balkans.

The meeting was attended by the member of the European Federation and special secretary of SEGAS, Panagiotis Dimakos and the CEO of the Istanbul European Indoor Championship, Serkan Baltatsi.

Mr. Siddimar’s letter to the Greek champion in detail:

Dear Miltiadis Tedoglou,

Our Dear Champion,

Olympism and the status of an Olympian does not only refer to distinctions in the sports field. It refers equally to a person’s good character and personality, and you are one of the best examples of that description.

On behalf of my country, Turkey, I want to express our immense gratitude for such important assistance to the victims of the earthquakes.

The Greek rescue mission was in the affected cities from the first moment of the earthquake, the Greek citizens were close to us with their offers from the first day, but you showed us and the whole world, how much power the international language of sports has .

I would like to invite you to Turkey “your second home” so that we can visit the victims of the earthquakes together, as soon as possible and when your schedule allows. We will never forget your self-sacrifice and the Turkish people will always pray for your success. I wish you every success in the rest of your career.”

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