Nikolakopoulos: “Olympiacos will not let the team go to slaughter in the playoffs”


Today’s (27/03) EPO summit monopolizes, of course, the interest in Greek football and everyone is waiting for the next day, given that there was not the slightest agreement. To Olympicas mentioned earlier, feel vindicated after meeting them Bennett-Baltako on the subject of his participation Stavros Mandalos in the definitions of referees, while the Vangelis Marinakis insisted the EPO to request elite or first-class referees from the six leading leagues in Europe (England, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Netherlands).

There are, however, also two points from the meetingwhich clearly show that the people of Piraeus are ready for serious and unprecedented reactions! At these points he stood Kostas Nikolakopoulos to News Bulletin 247which reveal exactly these moods, intentions and possibly the decisionswhich the club may have taken.

The first point is when Marinakis told Bennett that “if elite and first-class referees from top leagues do not come, we will not let the team go to slaughter. The league has changed a lot».

And secondly was his rant about Dabanovic, as he told the English referee: “And Dabanovic is first class. Is this how you want the league to go? Do you think it will end?’

Both, therefore, show the cutting edge of Olympiakos severe and unprecedented reactionsin order, Nikolakopoulos emphasized, “not to repeat arbitrations, which had during the regular season of the championship, as for example in Leoforo with Panathinaikos».

Source: Sport Fm

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