Xatzidiakos: “We have to keep in mind the first place in the group”


The opinion that the National team should have in mind the first place in the qualifying group Euro 2024 Pantelis Hatzidiakos expressed after the 0-0 draw with Lithuania. The Greek stopper mentioned, among other things, the performance of our representative group, while he also talked about his coexistence with Dino Mavropanos in the back.

In detail what the Greek stopper said

“We have to keep in mind to come out first. Looking game by game, you never know what can happen in football. It goes without saying that for the 2nd place we are the Netherlands, Ireland and Greece. We have to be united and we will see what happens. We have to keep improving. Important games are coming with stronger teams. We have to be focused and look game by game”

For the Netherlands

“When we beat Gibraltar and Holland lost, I got a lot of messages from friends and people from the Dutch national team, that things are not going well, they are not in a good phase. I know their way of playing very well, many of my friends and old teammates play in the Dutch national team, I know the characteristics, the way of playing, the mentality. I will try to give information to teammates and coach”.

For the good image but also the draw with Lithuania

“We would feel better if we got the win, if we scored goals. Like against Gibraltar, if you win 5-0 or 6-0 in these games, you will send a message to the world, to yourself, to everyone that we are getting better game by game. The positive is that we kept a clean sheet and created many chances, the negative is that we didn’t score a goal unfortunately.”

For his match with Dino Mavropanos and Odysseas Vlachodimos

“We have come together. Dinos Mavropanos is taller and very strong in the high game, I read more phases and am good in the low game. Vlachodemos has the experience, he feels us, he talks to us, he helps us with the operations. We’re there for each other, trying to keep the score low. If we keep it, we have a better chance of winning the game.”

For his performance

“It is very important for me as a defender to be infallible. A small mistake in a counter attack, if a striker goes out… I try to be focused for 99 minutes, get good positions, have good passes, close spaces, go up and improve my game for 99 minutes”.

Source: Sport Fm

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